We have been working with the Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba since 2006. 

The Association has been working hard to obtain legislation to recognize Massage Therapy as the 24th Regulated Health Profession. 

During the summer of 2012, Picante developed the "24" campaign to generate public interest and support.  This bright and bold creative hit the streets in July and August in Winnipeg and Brandon.  

October 17th-21st was Massage Therapy Week in Manitoba and our public relations program included appearances on City TV Breakfast Television, CTV Morning Live and Global TV Morning News.  We created a Winnipeg Free Press full page wrap which appeared on October 24th. 

In addition to transit shelters and transit bustails, we increased our television buy and added a layer of radio on CJOB during this time. 

We hope that the campaign will prove to be a success and that massage therapy will soon be recognized as a regulated health profession.