Our business model consists of providing our clients with exceptional VALUE in addition to professional service.  We've discovered a solution that works beautifully in today's competitive and demanding economy. 

Once the scope of the project is known, we assemble a team of professionals that offers the services required, under the direct supervision of Laura Hawkins. 

This way, our clients aren't paying for staff they don't actually need.  And we're able to offer exactly what the project requires.

Here are just a few of the sincere, talented, experienced pros we are proud to work with. 

  Picante would not be Picante without them. 

The gang from Coelement, who brought General Grader and Lieutenant Loader to life. 

Sue Burns from On a Cloud has been Laura's go-to production manager for nearly 15 years. . 

Talented Cinematographer Adam Sliwinski is responsible for ensuring the powerful impact and film-like quality of the Winnipeg Police Services commercials. . Laura and Adam have collaborated on dozens of television projects over 14 years.  

Salt & Lime Films is the associated company of Picante Advertising, responsible for overseeing production of all broadcast projects. . 

Charlene Lannoo from Vision Design Studio is responsible for most of the print design for Picante.  Laura and Char have developed an nimble and collaborative process that results in fresh, exciting design.